The Mueller Report Did Not Say, ‘No Collusion.’ Read It!

Source: Yahoo Finance.

Or else watch famed director Rob Reiner’s cinematic summary of the report’s finding.

Before we get to the Mueller Report, here are three relevant items that have crossed my desk lately:

  • The New York Times recently reported that military and intelligence officials might be withholding sensitive information from the president about US plans to respond to Russian cyber attacks because they fear Trump might either countermand the orders or fecklessly share US secrets with other heads of state.
  • In an interview with ABC News, President Trump brazenly revealed that if he were approached by a foreign government that possibly had damaging information about a political opponent, “I think I’d want to hear it.” Trump said. “There’s nothing wrong with listening.” In fact, it is illegal.
  • Despite Attorney General William Barr’s misinformation about Mueller’s findings and the repeated cries of “No Collusion” by Trump in interviews and social media, a recent poll by Reuters/Ipsos found that nearly half of all Americans–48%–believe that “Trump or someone from his campaign worked with Russia to influence the 2016 election.”
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And how do we account for this humiliating spectacle, the Trump/Putin press conference in June 2018 in Helsinki, Finland, published by The Guardian via YouTube?

Unpacking the Mueller Report

The Mueller Report is officially a New York Times bestseller…even though it was published as a trade paperback by the Washington Post. The book sold 42,000 copies when it hit bookstores in early May.

There are even audio books of the Washington Post tome available for as little as $1.99. And of course anyone can download it for free (in .pdf form) from a variety of online sources.

But let’s be honest: these numbers are paltry when you consider the wide swath of Americans who would not be inclined to read a 448-page attorney work product. What is desperately needed is for someone to create a platform to breathe some life into the Mueller Report.

How about a film featuring a number of celebrities who dramatically recite salient portions of the report?

Rob Reiner To the Rescue!

Famed director Rob Reiner, indignant that William Barr “lied about [the report’s] contents,” gathered actors such as Martin Sheen, Robert DeNiro, Rosie Perez, Laurence Fishburne, writer Stephen King and others to do just that. It was posted on YouTube yesterday (June 20) and here it is below, published by NowThisNews. In one day, it has gathered 61,000 views.

In an accompanying video, Reiner explains his intentions on an MSNBC program, published by MSNBC via YouTube:

Pass the word!

Andrew Goutman

Andrew Goutman is the editor of The Record.

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2 Responses

  1. James LaVelle says:

    I believe the House should begin impeachment hearings on Donald Trump, regardless of what a Senate trial may do. Either the Senate will continue to support Trump’s crimes to their own detriment or they will do the right thing and make their determination based on the evidence. It was the House hearings on Nixon’s impeachment that made it obvious to Nixon that he lost. Trump may not be smart enough or sane enough to recognize this and will go to trial in the Senate. The public will be more aware of what the crimes are because they will watch it on T.V.

  2. Anton S. Frelix says:

    Enough is enough! I wanna read the report! I wanna know about the truth about Trump! I have had enough already! Donald Trump must pay for all the crimes he had committed! The American deserve justice immediately! It is a prison he will be going! I will be there to see it! No one is above the law!

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